Design for The Human Mind

My work spans many fields, though it is all based on understanding how people perceive, comprehend and interpret information. Generally, I capture content and concepts for varied audiences and translate it into meaningful experiences and products. Read more below.

Here's More

I get involved at the intersection of cognitive psychology, design and communication. This includes projects for online and multimedia learning, information design, visual presentations, website design, user interface design, user experience design, and lots of writing. My goal is to fill the world with well-organized and comprehensible products that connect with the audience. And if these projects make life better for people and the planet, even better.

Visual Language For Designers:
Principles For Creating Graphics That People Understand

visual language for designersMy book with the long subtitle synthesizes cognitive science with visual design. I explain how visual communication can be more effective by leveraging the strengths and compensating for the weaknesses of our mental architecture. It's a somewhat intellectual read, with lots of pointers for enhancing graphics. Artists and designers from around the world contributed over 250 graphics to the book. Read more about Visual Language For Designers.


I research and write on two blogs. The eLearning Coach is a blogazine. It presents actionable strategies, tips, interviews with experts and reviews for people involved in online learning. Understanding Graphics is an extension of my book, covering visual communication topics and distilling relevant research into digestible bite-sized chunks.